Parent Tot

Minimum Ages: 6months – 3 years

The earliest approved age for swimmers to enter chlorinated water is 6 months. We recommend that you bring your child into the water in a fun and safe way to expose them to being in water.

The water is a fundamentally different environment than on land. The more time you spend in the water with your child the quicker they’ll discover the joy and excitement swimming can provide.

Quick Test Criteria:

Can the swimmer and parent comfortably stand in chest-deep water together without panic, fear, and anxiety?

Testable Skills

  • Water comfort
  • Supported front glides (with parent)
  • Supported back glides (with parent)
  • Scooping
  • Games, Songs, Splashing

Why are these skills in Parent Tot

The goal for Parent Tot is to expose a swimmer and their parent to swimming in a fun and predictable manner. We want children to grown comfort and confidence in a swimming pool with the people they love and trust the most: their parents.

We begin with being comfortable in the water. Many infants and toddlers will hesitate at the side, cry, and be afraid. Exposure to the pool will help improve their comfort over time. Repeated visits to the pool together, with clear expectations and fun songs and games will help grow comfort.

A major component of the Parent Tot class is teaching parents how to do swimming skills with their children. Supported Front and Back Glides are the first stepping blocks to horizontal forward motion and movement.

Scooping is bringing a swimmer underwater and a great tool to introducing an infant into going underwater.

Finally we want the swimmers and parents to play games, have fun, and learn to splash; move water with their hands.